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Kentoki Shiro

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1 Kentoki Shiro on Fri Nov 27, 2009 1:21 pm

Name: Kentoki Shiro

Age: 15

Race: Werewolf

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Kentoki is a very quiet person. He has a gf that he loves. He cares for know one except her. Hes a brave and nice guy. He never backs down from any fights. He'll protect his gf in any way he can. She means everything to him. He loves to kill his enemy's.

Appearance: Kentoki stands 5"2 and weighs 120. Don't think hes weak because of his shortness and skinniness. He is a very strong person. He likes to wear all blue most of the times but sometimes he wear gothic/emo clothes. He have long hair. He looks very scary because he has two piercings, one on his nose and the other on his left ear.

Alignment: Depends on whats happening/Whats my mood.

History: Kentoki is a lonely child. Born in the forest. His mother and father are werewolves. Both were kidnapped and killed right after Kentoki was about 2 years old. His uncle found him in the dark forest. He was also a werewolf. He took him home and trained him to become a werewolf. It took years and years before he could master the skills and attacks. By the age of 10 he learned most of the attacks but not all. His uncle always woke him up to train. Now at his current age 15 he learned all of it except 1. It was very hard for him to learn. He lived his life with his uncle.

Rp sample: He walks over to the lake. Spotting no one, he awaits for a girls arrival. "Whats taking her so long...?" He said to himself. He climbs tree as if he was a monkey. He had a perfect spot to see everything including the beautiful lake. Kentoki wearing a red shirt with a burning skull in the middle, and a black skinny jeans. Surprisingly a skateboard flew out of know were in the skys. It was about to land on him but quickly Kentoki jumped down off the tree and barely landed it. "Hey I haven't seen and used those in years!" He said to himself in excitement. He jumps back in the tree and gets the skateboard. "Ugh.. I forgot how to use this thing" He whispered. Kentoki puts it down and kicks it. It rolled off but bumped to a tree. He sits near the lake thinking of the girl and sighs.

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2 Re: Kentoki Shiro on Fri Nov 27, 2009 1:23 pm

umm you said he's a human but his parents are a werewolf and a vampire??

can you clear this up for me

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