War of Species

RPG a race and fight for your existance in the fantasy world

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Meygan's charrie {w.i.p}}

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1 Meygan's charrie {w.i.p}} on Sun Dec 06, 2009 12:08 am






sexuality: Straight

personality: A person that dosent like to be messed with and will kick yer ass if you Mess with her. She dosent take shit from any body. Im funny and i have a good sense of humor (i knw princess katanitha irl so HA!!)

Appearence:Has long brown hair red eyes, and is short. DOsent really like her body. Loves neon colors 83. SHe likes to smile (shes bipolar so shes gonna be pissed off alot!)


History: A lonly girl grew up with a shit oad of brother and sisters. Loves to be respected but hates being told what to do!Dosent really like any of her brothers and sisters so she hangs around her firend katanitha a lot

Rp sample: Meygan runs through the forest across the allies and laughes looking behind her. Tuked underneath her arm was a book she had taken frm a store. The guys behind her chased her down into the allie. you time is up girl" one yelled > Meygan smirked "not even close ass hole!" She spread her wings and flew arcoss the guys stunned. SHe stuck her toung out and laughed.


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2 Re: Meygan's charrie {w.i.p}} on Sun Dec 06, 2009 1:50 pm


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