War of Species

RPG a race and fight for your existance in the fantasy world

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1 Hellbringer on Sat Dec 05, 2009 8:12 pm


Name: Hellbringer


Description: The Blade 'Hellbringer' is made of a mixture of the strongest minerals and metals on the planet. It is infused with dark magic, and changes with the holder. In Akamu's case, a swing can light a fire, depending on it's suroundings in a foresty area, it can start an huge fire, however, in a very wet climate, a small blaze is all that's possable. It also eats away at the vitalaty of those around it to make it swifter. It does this by giving off a depressing aura when unseathed, and any bad thoughts and pain and drains it from the head. it then uses those thoughts to enter their mind and take their energy using some of the most dangerous of dark magics.

History: Hellbringer was forged by the most famous demon swordcrafter. It was made with such skill, it took over three years to compleate. All that Akamu, the current weilder of it is, that it was always with him, as long as he could remember.

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For the description explain more on how it takes someone's vitality, how big a fire it can make, and i'm not to sure about the explosions.

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4 Re: Hellbringer on Wed Dec 09, 2009 11:16 pm


Name: Death's reach

The wepon the girl is holding!!!)

Description: The Blade is conected to the end of a long chain connected to a spot under the users cloths. It allows the user to swing the chain to direct the knife where they wish, and also have it wrap around things. It can also be fired as a grabbling hook-like thing, and used to jump gaps. The end of the knife is covered in a poisen that numbes musles, and if taken in a large enough dose, deadly. The poisen is stored inside the knife like an injector, and more poisen can be poured into the chain, by the user, to add to the knife's deadlyness.

History: Death's reach was hand-made by Akamu. It took a very long time, but he thought it a useful waste of time. It was his deadlyest hand-made weapon, and the only one he still uses other than the strange sword he found as a child. It is made out of the strongest metals you can find on earth, other than dimond.

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