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Nazuka, Zelos {Kenny} {Done}

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1 Nazuka, Zelos {Kenny} {Done} on Tue Dec 01, 2009 6:53 pm

Name: Nazuka, Zelos

Age: 15

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: Zelos standing 5"3 and weighing 110. Even though he is small and skinny hes a very strong teenager. He wears a blue shirt and a black skinny jeans. Zelos has only one scar from fighting with his enemy. Its a scar across is body going vertically. It reaches from his hips to around the end of his body at the top. At all times Zelos wears a black jacket with burning skull in the middle.

Personality: Zelos is very calm and quiet most of the times. Never gets excited about mostly everything. Zelos doesn't like to meet any new people most of the time. He always likes to fight alone and be a lone wolf. Zelos never plays around when he says something he means it. When it comes to a fight he never says no, know matter who it is.

Alignment: Depends on who's around. Twisted Evil

As A Child:
Zelos was the only child of the Nazuka family. His mom Jennifer Nazuka, and his dad Michael Nazuka both died by a kidnapped when Zelos was about two years old. Back then he didn't have any food to eat except bread. He shrugged living with strangers when he was two. A year later Zelos almost died because he drowned by swimming. At night he snicked out the house because the parents were jerks.
Living Alone:
Soon after Zelos ran out he found a forest. He decided he would live there for the rest of his life. Years past Zelos had thought running away was a bad thing. He started to get sick, starved, and was thirsty everyday. He looked all over a forest. One day he bumped into a man and he said "I heard you were here and ran away from some dudes family" Zelos replied "Yes I did". That night the dude decided to take him to his place.

Rp sample: He walks over to the lake. Spotting no one, he awaits for a girls arrival. "Whats taking her so long...?" He said to himself. He climbs tree as if he was a monkey. He had a perfect spot to see everything including the beautiful lake. Kentoki wearing a red shirt with a burning skull in the middle, and a black skinny jeans. Surprisingly a skateboard flew out of know were in the skys. It was about to land on him but quickly Kentoki jumped down off the tree and barely landed it. "Hey I haven't seen and used those in years!" He said to himself in excitement. He jumps back in the tree and gets the skateboard. "Ugh.. I forgot how to use this thing" He whispered. Kentoki puts it down and kicks it. It rolled off but bumped to a tree. He sits near the lake thinking of the girl and sighs.

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