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Princess Katanitha {complete}

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1 Princess Katanitha {complete} on Fri Nov 27, 2009 1:59 pm

Name: Katanitha Angelina

age: 16

Race: Vampire

gender: Female

sexuality (strait, bi, gay): Strait

personality: A caring girl that care for all species dispite of her family history. Dosent really care who thing go as ong as no one if fighting. Dances to her own beat not a follower. Keeps her blood red eyes open even though people may look down on her. She keeps her head up and her mind wide open.

Appearence: Long black hair pinnd into a ponytail (or if she's being lazy her hair is down)Always wares her favorite black skinniy jeans and her urple top.
She keeps her long brow hair cury weather its down or not. HHer eyes are a dark red color much like blood. A bright smile with her dim eyes , Always wears her purple and black beanie on her head and her silver green day wrist band.

Allignment: Neutal

History:When she was born,Her mother had died and she only had her father to rely on. He taught her to survive on her own and hunt every 2 or 3 month for blood from the humans.Much unlike other vampires she longed to learn more about the werewolfs and why the vampires were at war with them. She kept there secret stupies to herself...as no one should know....A few years later she diceded to keep al her findings in her journal. Locked away Deep under the forest floor hoping no one new were it was but herself.

Rp sample :Katanitha walked silently through the woods , not making a single sound..shh quiet......nothing herd. SHe stoped at a dent in the forest floor and dug a small hole she placed a black book with a meatle black lock on it....on the outside of the locked book was a rose ...a white rose that looked as it it had been burned on the edges....Katanitha swept back the dirt and layed the book down in the hole ..covering it again "there...no one should suspect my findings.for it its my secret....my blod secret...fr it gose aginst fathers wishes...i do not care " SHe wispered to her self.Once tho book was covered ...she turned nd ran back to the castle wareing the metal key 'round her neck as it it were a harmless necklae...but it was much more...it was the key to her deepest secrets...and more....

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2 Re: Princess Katanitha {complete} on Fri Nov 27, 2009 11:34 pm

i'd have to say approved

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