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RPG a race and fight for your existance in the fantasy world

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Dusk de Magisteria Cartamuanda[Wip]

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1 Dusk de Magisteria Cartamuanda[Wip] on Sat Dec 12, 2009 8:01 pm


Name: Dusk de Magisteria Cartamuanda

Alias: Sir(From Members of group)/Brother(From Valen)/ The Great Flame(His true Alias that everyone knows him by.)

Actual Age: 242

Visual Age: 20

Elemental Affinity: Fire

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Giotto is rather calm, relaxed, and collect in his state of mind, but he is rather cocky. Giotto flirts with about every girl he can get his hands on, or lay eyes on for that matter. So, he usually goes for the girls he can't have. He has that bad guy or person aura. He usually gets what he wants from the girl of his chooses, but leaves herr in the dust to think about her cheating life. So, some call him a heart breaker. Others call him a misunderstood man and a damn sexy one at that. Yet, when he fights he losses all fun, nice, and other happy traits about him. he basically get compeltely serious adn fights ful out no matter what the fight is over. So, he is basically called a devil when i battle, but other then that he is a really unique guy.

Dusk is 6'0 even and weaights about 200 pounds. He ahs a fighters body type and he is built for speed. He has black as coal hair with a weird red color for his eyes.He is siad to have almost perfect skin and that he looks like an angel. He wears a simply outfit which is a button-up (fireproof) shirt that stay unbuttoned at the bottom. He wears black (fireproof) jeans with black (fireproof) Shoes and socks. He has a pair of black fingerless gloves that he keeps in his back pocket at all times. He also carrys a number of scalpels that are hidden all over his body.

Allignment: Good Guy

Dusk is Valen's younger brother. When, his father left hte house. He took Dusk withhim telling him he was going to be special. Yet, that wasn't the case. Dusk grew up jsut like any other kid, but he had a special Talent. He had a Photographic Memory. So, he went through Highschool, and College rather quickly gradutes a number of years early with a Masters in the Medical Field. Yet, he was attacked and was changed nito a Werewolf. So, he wandered the world never growing old.

~The Capture~

Rp sample:
Other Site:
Well, how time flew when your fighting against the people who hate you. Giotto was the Leader of the little group of Superhumans called The Yokai. He was busy killing low level hollows and such as he awaited more superhumans to return or show themselves again, but he didn't know if they would regroup. Giotto had been worried and needed another blood bath to take place. That is excatly what brought him out of his Mansion to Karakura Town on this day. He was there to kill some hollows that were scouting the area.

So, Giotto was out in his normal outfit. Giotto looked like any normal 19 or 20 year old man. Giotto's outfit was a normal pair of black jeans, a Crimson colored red shirt with a black leather jacket with black fur around the collar. Yet, one thing that wasn't like normal was he was wearing black shoes instead of going barefoot. His Deep pink eyes were glancing around looking for what he was after, but none came into view. So, Giotto shook his pure white hair, that easily matched the color of freshly fallen snow, out of his eyes and activated his ability. Giotto pulled out one of the many Scalpels that were hidden all over his body and raced down the back allys ofthe city. He finaly sensed a small unit of hollows that were close. He quickly locked onto their Signals and completely blocked out the others, which might have been a bad idea.

Giotto's Reshi was about at a Lts. level, but felt completely like a Shinigami's would. That was one of the Various things his ability did fo him along with making his Reflexes and Speed unbelieveable. Yet, he closed in on the Unit of hollow rather quickly. So, he pulled out a couple more scalpels and charged them with his reshi. He came over the top of a roof, and threw each of the scalpels at the Low level hollows. The scalpels hit the hollows right on their mask, and suddenly exploded shattering their masks and making them disappear. Giotto landed softly as they disappeared into a black mist of sorts, and looked around. He had landed in the middle of a bunch of people.

Great....... They were all looking at him like he was dumb or something. He simply smiled and began to walk away. Until, he spotted a Girl slam into a older looking man. Giotto stopped and quickly began to his his High-Spec ability; One was a Shinigami. Giotto clenched his teeth, but leaned up against a building looking over at the two to see wht would go down. Yet, Giotto had forgotten to turn off his ability. So, he was still pusling out Lt. level reshi signals that felt like a shinigami's. So, he leaned against the wall until the group saw him, which they should. since, Giotto was a complete idiot on this one and forgot to deactivate his ability.

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