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The Black Death

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1 The Black Death on Wed Dec 09, 2009 8:50 pm

Name:Black Death

Appearance: Form 1

Form 2

Description:.The blade is a materializable weapon, meaning it is made from traces of pure energy unleashed from the creator. The blade has two primary abilitys based off of his own. One is harnessing energy from the spiritual energy of him self and any demonic aura being unleashed around the area forming it into a long-range energy slash attack. The second is, by cuting through an enemys heart, the blade absorbs the soul of the life-form by using the power of Dellapero as a conducter to pull the life-force into it self in order to increase it's power and size.The last characteristic of the blade is that it has two states. One is the basic stage used by Dellapero's sealed form.The second stage devides the sword's size by four and becomes virtually weightless, making it much easier to use then it's first stage.This stage can only be activated while Dellapero is in his devil form.

History:Black Death was forged in the deepest depths of hell. Made from the souls of the many beings Dellapero had killed in the area, as well as a small fraction of his own power to stabalize it into a solid state.

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