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Dellapero Grance

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1 Dellapero Grance on Tue Dec 08, 2009 8:31 pm

First Name:Dellapero

Last Name: Grance

Alias:Reienzo Hataro

Age: appearance 17 ( 1400 True age)



Sexuality Straight

Personality:Dellapero,in his true state is a rather "insane" who would kill any one, friend or foe in his true state without hesitation. In his normal sealed form Dellapero,completely different then in his true state, tries to approach things in a tactical style to avoid having to fight at his fullest.In either state however, Dellapero craves the souls of other beings in order to raise his own power quiet often. On a few occasions even if he doesn't desire to devour a person, his instincts will get the best of him and kill them anyway. Aside from that in his human state,Dellapero picks fights with other warriors a lot to test his power and look for further specimens to devour.

Appearance:Normal state:In this basic form used commonly to hide a persons true race Dellapero takes up the state of a normal sword0fighter type human. His hair is a dark-black and the simulated color of his eye a light brown.His clothing is mainly a white mid-evil uniform.He also weilds a large sword, that when cut into the ground and placed so the hilt points at the sky, or whatever was located above, that the blade was larger then his entire body.

Unleashed state:With this form the white iniform around his body transforms into a bone-like structure that melds with the body. In this process the blade Dellapero weilds compacts into a much smaller long-sword the size of his right ar,. The lastdetail of the form is that a skull devil shaped mask with bloodred stripesand two average sized horns at each side of the masks upper mask,along the top forms out of black energy.


History:( eh I don't feel like going into much detail on history so It's just going to be a summery)Several thousand years ago at the dawn of creation,spawned into existence from two S-class entities that resided in the darkest,farthest,and most war torn areas of hell. After several years of survival in the burning abyss of flames,Dellapero managed to be able to maintain a state of human appearance.
With the demon blood in his veins growing more restless with each passing day, the demon's desire for power grew stronger until the day he had devoured the souls of his parents in order to achieve a much higher state of power only a few demonic entities in the area had achieved,
Over the course of his life after-ward, Dellapero focused primarily on killing and devouring the power of every demon in his region of hell, in order to further his power and soon take his place as the ultimate life-form. By the time he had reached 1300 years of age, Dellapero grew tired of devouring the souls of just demons. With his power at a stand-still Dellapero decided to start venturing into other realms to continue his quest for souls,power, and his rightful place as the ultimate life-form in both worlds.

Rp sample: Dellapero Grance stood silent atop the blood-drenched,burning and life-less soil of hell,with his body in a weak Human-like state.He began to Reveal small fractions of his power in several small stream-like energy currents, that flowed out of his body. With the small energy flow beginning to form together around him,moving in a circular motion, Dellapero called upon his true state of power for the mere reason of wishing to see what his max power ws capable of. The energy that was once in his blood, moved into the clothing over his body merging with it and turning the soft leather substance to meld into a hard bone structure. The bone-made armor closed together around him quickly melding into the skin partially, leaving half of it out to block injuries, and the other half in to awaken his inner hate and demonic energies. The blood in his body changed to a soulless black color followed by the color of his eyes flashing into a dark red.With his heart awakened to it's true state, Dellapero's face would be shrouded in a cloud of black energy that molded into a white skull mask with three red stripes along the side of it and two average sized horns at the top.
With his transformation completed, Dellapero unleashed an onslaught of pure energy from his body in attempt to see how much more he could fxck up this area of hell before he moved on to the rest of it.

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Need 3-5 sentences for appearance

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Toki no one ever said it was approved =.="


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