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Angal Dara

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1 Angal Dara on Sun Dec 06, 2009 7:53 pm

Name: Angel Dara

age: 15

Race: angel

Elemental Affinity: water

gender: female

sexuality (strait, bi, gay): straight

personality: Angel Dara is shy and quiet unless spoken directly to. she loves to sing and dance and will always protect her friends. She had a boyfriend who was killed by a demon and she now has a long harbered grudge for them.

Appearence: Angel Dara has long white hair that goes past her knees. She's 5'6" and weights about 120 pounds. She has red eyes which makes her out of place with the other demons and she's as pale as a vampire which makes her even more out of place.

Allignment: neutral

History: Dara was born in London England to a single mother who was a maid to a rich man. Her mother was killed by the man to hide the fact that he had a child by her. She got out of the house before he killed her as well. She walked the streets alone and afraid until this kind man came and took her in. She lived happily until she turned 15 where the man raped and killed her. The angels took pity on her and made her and angel and she was allowed to live in heaven.

Rp sample: Dara sighed as she walked through out the halls of the main building where the angels live in heaven. 'I miss Mihkail' She thought and turned the corner. She sighed once again, silently wishing that she had died along with Mikhail. But then happy that she was able to live as an angel. She smiled slightly to herself. "I swear sometimes i have no clue what i want." she muttered and walked in to the council of angels.

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