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Aoi Yuei -DONE-

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1 Aoi Yuei -DONE- on Sun Dec 06, 2009 3:20 pm



age: 15


Elemental Affinity:Water


sexuality (strait, bi, gay):Straight (Spell it right, Shuura!)

personality: Aoi is shy and quiet. She likes to be with people she likes, even if she doesn't have many friends. Though she doesn't talk much, Aoi is very determained.

Appearence: Small, frail looking, and short. She has long blonde hair and always dresses in pure white clothes with light blue accents. Her eyes are a bright blue also. Her ears are prieced with blue tear-shaped shappires. Her lip is also pirced with a sliver-blue ring. Aoi carries around a long staff, a foot higher than her, ( She's 5"1 ) that has a floating blue orb inside a series of sliver and white metal circles.

Personality:( Why is this on here twice? XD fail...)


History:As a human, Aoi was just like how she is now. Shy, small, and quiet. She died when she was on her way home from school. Crossing the street, a drunk driver came out of no where and hit her. Aoi died that night. The other angels, seeing her as an inncoent being, deemed her as an angel to live in heaven. While in her first few weeks their, while angels normally would have an air or light affinity, Aoi had an water affinity.

Rp sample ( ugh. Don't feel like doing this.... ~.~...)

Aoi calmly walked into the wide room. Angels chattered and talked, standing in groups and clusters. It was loud and cheerful. As always. Aoi mentally sighed. How could they talk so much? Aoi talked at a small minimum, not wanting to draw attention to herself.

Shuffing her feet, Aoi stared at the ground as she weaved her way through the throng of angels. Her staff, higher than herself, jingled quietly as the small acessories moved as she walked it along.

Coming to a near deserted area, she sat down on the edge of a small fountain. It stood next to a window, clouds lining the ground of Heaven. It was bright, as always. It was never dark here in Heaven and it never has been nor will it ever. Aoi blinked, tring to remember her times on earth and recalled the dark and cold times of winter nights. She shuttered. That didn't matter now. She was here, in heaven with all she needed.

She looked around. Well...almost everything. She just needed a friend. Sighing, she looked down to the fountain and twirled a finger near the surface. A small line of water came up and swirled around her hand in finger.Smiling she nodded mentally.

Yes..a friend. Thats all she wanted.

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2 Re: Aoi Yuei -DONE- on Sun Dec 06, 2009 4:21 pm


you are officially the head of the angels since i sawed my wings off ^^

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3 Re: Aoi Yuei -DONE- on Mon Dec 07, 2009 2:13 pm

unapproved... the history needs to be longer. personality needs to be ONE FULL PARAGRAPH! and put an actual age sence angels age slowly >.>

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