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Lord shuura (done)

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1 Lord shuura (done) on Fri Nov 27, 2009 8:38 am

Name: Lord shuura

age: looks: 17 Actual: 872

Race: AlphaVampire


personalityLord shuura, is a very cunning yet angry person. being over 800 years old gives him the knowledge of all historical events. he doesnt show it very often though. he perfers to kill those in his way, and he wont hesitate to kill a member of his own vampire clan if they betray him. one of his biggest joys are flirting with the girls he finds. alot of times they are normal humans, other times they areother creatures like werewolves angels, or even demons if they are in disguise. lord shuura also perfers to be unknown to the humans as a vampire. he walks amoung them everyday and they are oblivious to it.

Appearence: Avatar

Allignment: depends on his mood

History: early in the 13th century, a small child had been born. in the middle of a forest at a small hut. in the birth process the mother had died, and the father was out getting food and wood for the fire. he was the families 4th child. the others were all grown up and most were on their own already. the oldest was with the mother and unborn baby at the time of birth. so he took the baby named shuura as his own son.

after a few days the baby dissapeired into the night. the father had never come home, they thought he was dead. shuura was blooded by a vampire, and ran with shuura. taking care of him for over a hundred years. when he returned to vampire castle he was slain for blooding such a young child. but something differed him from the rest of the clan. small wings grew on his back at the age of 150. he looked 3, and lived like the rest. he learned to fight and could beat a full grown adult by the age of 400. he looked 8.

by the time he was 600, (12 in looks) he had already taken over the clan, and became a lord. his blood was an old blessing by the god of vampires on him. the dorment blood in him was royalty amoung vampires. so he gained the title 'lord shuura'. he made his own swords, and loved in the vampire castle. killing werewolves and angels that got in his way. and developed an allience with the demons. his small wings grew to large, black feathered wings, that allowed him to fly.

now in the 21st century, he hated what the world became. guns and such barbaric weapons. he used swords. and made a clan rule that they cant use guns under any circumstances. so now he lives, killing angels and werewlves. feeling the beginning of a war

RP Sample:
it was the night of a full moon. shuura stood in a field\, completely surrounded by trees. to a normal human, there would be complete silence, excluding the howl of the wind. but to lord shuura, he could hear the rapid raw-steps fast approaching him.

shuura flaped his wings a couple times and rose into the air. his black trenchcoat fluttered wildly from the displace of air caused. and slowly pure darkness formed from his wrist. his black gauntlets, began to change. slowly the hilts formed, along with a sharp blade that formed from the bottem, and gret to about two foot long blades. shrra dropped them both and chains formed, attached to black bracelets still on shuura. slowly the blades began to spin, and soon made a screeching noise as they spun. and as this happened a large werewolf broke out from the trees a few hundred metres, covering the distance to shura.

shuura grinned and swiftly brought one of the spinning blades down on the werepofls head. it missed and the blade dug deep into the wolfs shoulder. quickly shuura did a backflip and landed on the wolfs back. grabbing the secong spinning blade, and digging it into the beasts shoulderblade. it howled and swiped shuura off. he dodged but the swipe cut into his own leg. wincing shuura rpipped the blades from the werewolf useing the chaing and held them tight, running to the front of the werewolf and shoving it from the bottom of its head. blood platered and the wold moaned. unable to howl, shuura cut into its brain and killed it.

growling shuura made the blades turn back to his gauntlets and fly into the air. spitting on the beast, than flying aay towards the moon.

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