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Akamu "Hell's assasian" Ozmazikai

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1 Akamu "Hell's assasian" Ozmazikai on Sat Dec 05, 2009 7:44 pm


Name: Akamu Ozmazikai

age: 30000

Race: Demons

gender: Male

sexuality (strait, bi, gay): strait

Akamu stands just above 6' but his hair makes him look about 3" taller. His hair almost never seemes to de-spike unless it gets wet. He almost always wears the same lether jecket, with a sword slung over his back. His eyes, which are blood red, feel like they are seeing right into you're soul. His skin is slightly tanned and his ears are quite pointy. When he grins, his teath are almost as sharp as a sharks.

Personality: Akamu is the kind of guy you don't wanna be around unless you are on his good side. He has a tendency not to like violence unless it is someone he dislikes or he is simply angry, and then, he becomes bloodthirsty. He is rarely ever happy and mostly disguises the fact that he is not human. He could go years without talking, as the need has never come up.

Allignment: Neuteral

History: From the day Akamu was born, he had to fend for himself. He never knew how, why, or by who he was created. He learned from a very young age the rules of the world, and learned, and trained himself to fight. He always had to feed, and survive alon, as he was never shown what it was like to have family, or freinds. He has had to kill many creatures to stay alive, making him strong. Due to never interacting with his own race, he seemes to think he is some sort of super-human. He has never fully understood why he is diffrent, but he took it where ho could get it. His only companion in his whole lifetime was a large dog that he bonded with. But, when the dog died, he lost his emotions. GTo this day, he thinks about noone or nothing but himself, and surviving.

Rp sample: Akamu slowly strode down the path, not talking to anyone he saw. His blood-red eyes survaying the land. This place has become so boring without the petty fights of the world.... He eventually reached the end of the path, but just continued walking. Eventualy he came across a squirrl which seemed to recoil at the sight of him. Why do almost all animals do that? He wondered.

He eventualy found a nice little tree to sit under, and fell asleep right there. Nothing in the world worryed him at the moment.
When he eventually awoke, a small animal was right next to him, circling him. It was a raccon. "Dumb animal... what is it with all of you?!" He swept the creture away with a single swing of his arm and dirfted asleep again.

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2 Re: Akamu "Hell's assasian" Ozmazikai on Sat Dec 05, 2009 7:51 pm

aproved i guess

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3 Re: Akamu "Hell's assasian" Ozmazikai on Sat Dec 05, 2009 9:04 pm

You need description for appearance (3-5 sentences)

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Edited, and mind if I have two Devil formes?

Swift Devil form:
Akamu gains a black glow around him and his eyes turn pure black. His cloths turn into a black and red cloak and his Sword changes into a long, swift Katana. He is quite faster in this form, and his reflexes increase. At nightime, it is almost inpossable to see him in this form. However, his resilisance weakens as a backlash.

Great Devil form:
Akamu's clothes change into a sturdy armor and his skin becomes somewhat scaly. His Sword also Changes into a large cleaver-like blade and he grows a pair of wings. These wings can't hold him up too long and he becaumes much more sturdy and strong. However, this comes at a price, as his reflexes are dulled.

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