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Kyoshiro Kuroi...the Hermaphrodite...

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1 Kyoshiro Kuroi...the Hermaphrodite... on Fri Dec 04, 2009 8:31 pm


It's good to be back...

Name: Kyoshiro Kuroi

age: 14

Race: Werewolf

Elemental Affinity: ...

gender: Hermaphrodite(If that doesn't work then I'll just have to make a cross-dressing male...>.>)

sexuality: Bi


Kyoshiro has bandages wrapped all over his arms and legs, making it impossible to see any part of his skin other than his neck and head. But Kyoshiro perfers it this way, since it covers up all the burn marks on his body.

Personality: Kyoshiro is more or less strange, seeing that he is always so quiet and usually does nothing more than read. So even his best of friends don't know him too well. Then again, he has almost no friends so it's quite uderstandable. Although, Kyoshiro doesn't have a specific personality. Instead, he switches between a calm, somewhat kind, pessmistic personality and a short-tempered, aggressive, psychotic personality that is prone to the scent of blood. But in both personalities, Kyoshiro is almost always quiet and depressed.

Allignment: Neutral...

Kyoshiro had been born a werewolf, and he was different from the rest of his family, other than the fact that he was both a boy and a girl. Instead of having black fur, he has light grey fur that looked almost silver. Despite the difference in appearance, Kyoshiro was treated just as well as his siblings and being called "Kyo-chan". Although, Kyoshiro hated himself for being different, for being strange, and he wished that he could be like the rest of his family.

Somehow, Kyoshiro's wish came true, but at a price. When he was ten years old, Kyoshiro lost his entire family and almost his own life in forest fire. He only survived because of a massive downpour the drowned out the fire. As a result, most of Kyoshiro's body was covered in burn marks and some parts of his body charred black. And when he transforms into a wolf, only some of his fur were still the silvery color, the rest were completely black. So now Kyoshiro was like the rest of his family, at the price of losing them.

And because of that, Kyoshiro hated himself even more, thinking that it was only because of his selfish wish that his family had died. And he kept away from most people, afraid to show others his burn marks, afraid that they'll brand him as a freak of nature and he'd never make another friend.

Rp sample:
Kyoshiro sat on a tree branch reading his book peacefully with the bandages on his arms and legs loose. The part of the forest he was in was a very secluded place, with rarely anyone passing though. So Kyoshiro didn't have to worry about revealing his charred arms and legs. But just in case, Kyoshiro was extremely alert, carefully listening to his surrounding as he flipped through the pages of the novel. But somehow, Kyoshiro's mind became lost in the book, not noticing anything else until a loud snap of a branch. Someone was here, and they were close.

Kyoshiro found no time to wrap the bandages on his arms and legs again, and he didn't want it to be someone he knew. With no other choice Kyoshiro jumped off the tree branch, landing with a thud and closed his eyes.

Kyoshiro felt his body beginning to change, black and silver fur growing out, his teeth becoming sharper, his nose beginning to turn into a snout, and his bones disjointing and then reconnecting to form the skeletal structure of that of a wolf. In mere seconds, Kyoshiro had turned into a wolf and he ran off, dragging his bandages behind him.

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2 Re: Kyoshiro Kuroi...the Hermaphrodite... on Fri Dec 04, 2009 10:05 pm


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3 Re: Kyoshiro Kuroi...the Hermaphrodite... on Fri Dec 04, 2009 11:45 pm


I forgot to mention this but even though I only used "he" to refer to Kyoshiro in my application, I will alternate between using "he" and "she" in my posts...

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4 Re: Kyoshiro Kuroi...the Hermaphrodite... on Sat Dec 05, 2009 9:30 am


If you keep changing from 'he' to 'she' it'll be confusing, why not refer to him/her as 'he/she'?

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