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Isabella "Izzy" Montgomery

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1 Isabella "Izzy" Montgomery on Fri Nov 27, 2009 1:39 am

Name: Isabella "Izzy" Montgomery

age: Looks: 17 Really: 38

Race: Angel (head of the angel council..if thats alright Very Happy )

Elemental Affinity: Water

gender: Female

sexuality: straight

personality: Izzy is quiet bubbly and a very curious person. She loves to see new things, and to try new things. Each day she sees as another adventure. Though she is quite bubbly, she also had her negative side in which she'll be quieter and have a venomous look on her face. Even while she is negative she is still caring, and will help those who are less fortunate.

She enjoys reading, drawing, playing the drums, etc. Most of her hobbies revolve around creativity. The only thing that does not involve creativity that she enjoys would be shopping, which in its own way could also be creativity.

Appearence: http://th05.deviantart.net/fs49/300W/i/2009/224/2/4/Sode_no_Shirayuki_by_AyatoKamina11.png

Izzy is 5'5" and has a 13 and a half foot wingspan . Her wings are off white with brown stripes and tan specks, and they resemble the appearance of a hawks. She tends to keep her wings hidden by some type of garment; ranging from jackets all the way to stuffing them in a backpack.

Allignment: good

History: Izzy has lived a pretty normal life. She was the preppy cheerleader that got whatever she wanted. She had all the guys, the popular friends, the money; who could ask for more? Everybody seemed to adore her, so it came to a complete surprise when one day a one of her old freshmen high school teachers broke into her house, and killed everybody within the house; her dad and her mom. She was away at a friend's house when this happened, but when she returned she was devastated.

She was completely put into a protection program because the psycho teacher was still out there, and the police didn't know where. Well, one day the teacher snuck into her safe house and posed as a guard, so when he got close enough he took her. While trying to escape the guards started to shoot killing the teacher with a bullet to the brain and hitting Hana with three bullets; one to the right arm, one two and a half inches above the heart, and the third in the leg.

They thought she was dead at first, but she seemed to have a light pulse, so she was sent straight to the emergency room. She got the best medical care and made it. They say she had a NDE (near death experience) , but to her there wasn't anything near about it.

With her parents gone, and after her begging none stop to be emancipated; she was alone. At first she started out on the streets, but she eventually met a man who took pity on her. The man, Roger Hart, was heir to a fortune left behind by his lonely uncle; but he couldn't get the money unless he married. Out of panic he arranged a marriage with Izzy in vegas.

Izzy spent 1 year with Roger, until she figured out why he married her. With each passing day she realized lies upon lies he made up just to keep his fortune, so she divorced him and took half of what he owned. Out of blind rage, Roger came to where Izzy was staying and shot her; straight through the heart.

Now Izzy is an angel, and has been so for awhile. Being the clever girl she is, she quickly climbed up the ranks of being an angel and is now head of the angel council.

Rp sample:

Izzy was soaring through the air; her off white wings with a brown stripe and random specks flapping every now and then to keep her afloat. She never tired of the feeling of being afloat, the rush of switching air currents, or nose diving randomly through the crowds. This was the perks of being an angel, to bad with every perk there was also a down side.

Since being an angel she had little time to enjoy herself, or enjoy flight. She's always been busy working her way through the community; while slowly working her way up the council. Although she wasn't a natural leader, she took great pride in helping; and had an inspirational voice worth listening to. This is what brought her up the ranks.

Blinking a few times, she noticed that while she was thinking she had started to descend and was about to crash into a flock a birds. With a tilt of her right wing and lifting her left wing, she barrel rolled out of the way. A smile grew on the angel's face. I love flying!

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