War of Species

RPG a race and fight for your existance in the fantasy world

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Vasilisa Dragomir last of the Dragomirs ((WiP))

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Name: Vasilisa Romana Dragomir

age:407 looks 18

Race:pureblood vampire

gender: female

sexuality (strait, bi, gay): straight

personality: shy and moody at times. doesnt talk alot unless spoken to at most times.she would hurt and/or kill anyone who harms her coven. shes been hurt in the past too many times to let love near her. she shuts herself off to everyone except her coven and sometimes even them. her mate, Dimitri, was killed in front of her eyes when he tried to save her from the vampires that took her. ever since she had sworn off love until recently...

Appearence: long black hair with red and blue stripes through it. most of the time wears a dress made of black silk and dark velvet. can be seen dressed up as a boy for fun. ice blue eyes and pale skin tone. she can be seen carring around a sword that belong to her brother, Raphael and Dimitri, both. Along with that she carries a dagger given to her by her father on herr 18th birthday.


History: born in London England to a family of nobles. she was one of 5 siblings. raphael being the oldest of the five and the next to head the family. david the second oldest. Vasilisa and Savannah the twins of the family. vasilisa was born three minutes earlier than her twin making her born on one day while her twin the next. kyle the youngest of the five.

on the day of vasilisa's 20th birthday, and group of rouge vampires came and killed her family and took her as a pet. she escaped three years later where she started her own coven and plotted revenge on the vampires who killed her family.

rp sample: Vasilisa walks slowly throughout her families old home. She sighed and turned when she sensed her second in command come in behind her. "what is it now Annaliese?" she said baring her fangs. Annaliese stepped back with her hands up. "Hey just cuz you're peeved off doesnt mean you have to take it out on me." Vasilisa took a step closer hand on her sword. "Don't mess with me Anna... you could get hurt." She said calmly but her tone meant stay away. "Now what do you want?"

"we have a lead on that group of vampires you wanted us to track down. Lurissa's on them right now." Vasilisa shouted in anger and runs out the door. "I will get my revenge for my family." Vasilisa says to herself running to where she sensed Lurissa.

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