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Dark, Pureblood Vampire(WiP)

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1 Dark, Pureblood Vampire(WiP) on Sat Nov 28, 2009 5:44 pm

Name: Dark

Age: 869, but he appears 17

Race: Royal Vampire, Pureblood

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight


Among his own kind:

Being of royal family and brother to Shuura, who tends to kill without mercy and show anger indefinitely, he keeps to himself and is quiet, often playing the strategic member in battle and striking from the shadows. When going for a prey, who are often young women because of their citric flavored blood, he brings out his flirty side and often goes far when his prey is of high value to him. When it comes to other species, he would show distaste because of what his past bears and often will he leave the scene before his anger boils to a high and he cannot control his actions; rarely would this happen though. Overall, this calm and collective member of the royal family never speaks unless he has to.

Among humans:

When forced to live with humans during the day to reduce the suspicion of his true identity, he acts goofy and friendly, always the kind of person who anyone could talk to about anything. Due to his attraction to the taste of a young female's blood, he spends most of his time with girls his age whom he calls friends, even though they're more of his afternoon beverage than friends. To help kill time, he plays guitar in a band





Rp sample ( sample of how you will rp as your species. any other rp sample withh make your app instantly denied untill you make a species one )

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