War of Species

RPG a race and fight for your existance in the fantasy world

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(Last name, First name) 竜也 Tatsuya, 松浦 Matsuura

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Name: 竜也 Tatsuya, 松浦 Matsuura

Age: 1337 (Visible as 16)

Race: Werewolf

Elemental Affinity: None

Gender: Male

Sexuality : Straight

Personality: Matsuura has different personality for different kinds of situation. Rather then being scared and nervous when it is a fight, he is calm and thoughtful, always thinking up of a plan to get him out of it. He is dark, quiet, and mysterious when he's in his human form at night. Once in his werewolf form, he is still calm and mysterious. No one ever really saw Matsuura happy, and the only time they did see him happy was when he was in a fight to the death and when he was about to kill someone. One of the elders in his wolf pack says he's just like his father and uncle. Only happy when he is killing some or fighting someone. Only one person knows his true history, and that person died by Matsuura's very hand. Others say that he got his dark and demented personality when the sun was down because he watched his house burned down and his family killed. His father, mother, sister, brother, and uncle. He watched it all go burn out of his life. Then he was a loner, training to control is inner demon.

Then when there was daylight, his personality changed all of a sudden. Matsuura acts like a happy, ongoing person, seeking to help others in need. He is very sarcastic and always think of a positive to a negative. He's flirty at times when there are girls around and he is always seeking information. At times during the daylight, he has to learn to control is inner demon and try to think of anything else instead of killing. He is always read to fight even though he's in his human form. Once in his werewolf form, his other personality kicks in and most of the time, he doesn't care who he kills, pack members or not. Even though he is the youngest one in his pack, he is also one of the strongest one.



Alignment: Neutral


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