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Voltaire the Demon Lord.

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1 Voltaire the Demon Lord. on Sat Nov 28, 2009 11:42 am


Name:'Lord' Voltaire.

age: 30000000.

Race: Demon.

Elemental Affinity: Darkness.

gender: Male.

sexuality (strait, bi, gay): Strait.

personality: Voltaire is a very energetic 'person' often doing things for fun, such as toying with his opponents and letting them attack him before cutting them down, enjoying every second.
He can often act sadistic, insulting his opponents and slicing off limbs before delivering the finishing blow.

In battle, Voltaire often taunts his opponents with such quotes as 'come on, this was supposed to be a fight, I don't see you fighting!' or insults like 'You fight as bad as your mother, believe me, I would know.' to anger his enemies into making mistakes, then sending his minions to rip them to shreds.

In demon form, Voltaire hardly talks at all, only making low growling noises as his enemies whilst attacking, mutilating the corpse and eating several limbs to to his loss of control and the gain of bloodlust.
Around women, Voltaire will act as a stereotypical, charming Italian, killing them only if he wants to very much.

Appearence: Volatire has the appearance of a strong 30 or so year old man with pure white, medium lengthed hair covering one eye. His eyes are different colours, one is a dark red, the one covered by his hair, and his other is a pale grey colour, which changes depending on his mood(E.G. Red=Angry, Blue=Sad, Green=Happy, Yellow=Sadistic.)
He wears a black shirt which is covered by a blood red coat which is seperated at the front due to there being no way to zip it or button it up, he also wears a pair of blue jeans and black boots.

Allignment: Pure Neutral, will act good one day, then go on an evil killing spree the next.

History: Voltaire was born a great long time ago, floating around in an empty abyss until the 'big bang' occured, almost completely destroying him.
The next thing he knew, he found himself on a planet named 'earth' in medievil times, born into the body of a child in Italy, where he grew, fully aware of what he was but faking being a human until he was of the 'bodily age' of 30, when he chose to reveal his true self, killing his 'parents' and all of his 'friends' and went on a slaughter spree, destroying two whole villages in one night.

Voltaire layed low for a for a few centuries before sailing to the 'vermunda triangle' in the middle of the ocean, where he found Hell's Gates and entered the underworld, claiming his seat as a 'king' of sorts, commanding armies of demons to spew forth from the earth and kill to their hearts content.

It was only the next day when about half of the army died somehow after their demon form being exposed to the atmosphere for too long, making Voltaire pass a law to only expose their true selves for short amounts of time.

Race Abilities:
Super Strength(About the same as a Vampire Lord.)
Super Speed(Slower than Vampires)
Hellspawn(Meaning summoning lesser demons, for higher ranking demons only)
Devil Form(basically releasing the demon's true form for a short period of time.
Natural Armour(Meaning they are extremely 'tough', allowing them to live through many strong attacks.

1: A longsword that Volatire named 'Hades', it's hilt is a demon's skull with horns and it's blade it about twice as thick as Voltaire's neck and about about a metre and a quarter long.

2: A pair of 'triple-chucks' named Griffin and Kraken.

3: A hellish scythe with the elemental power of fire named Prometheus.

Rp sample: 1am in the human world in a country called Russia, the perfect time for wreaking havok, when all the 'night-shift' guards were the only ones awake, well, them and the people that were at christmas eve parties.
This is gonna be fun... Thinks Voltaire, squatting on a large memorial stone in the shape of a large cylinder, pointed at thw top where he was squatted.
Voltaire reaches into his pocket and pulls out Inferno, his crossbow, and aims it at a nearby patrol of four guards, pulling the trigger twice, once to hit the ground infront of them and the other to pierce a guard throguh the head, maknig him fall to the ground.
Voltaire jumps down from the cylinder and lands perfectly, pulling out his Triple-Chucks and spinning them aronud at high speeds, making the illusions of two hurricanes extending from his hands as he walks towards them, hitting one across the head and another in the genitals, making them both fall to the floor, dead.
Voltaire turns to the last remaining guard, who was pointing a gun at his face as he backs away. Voltaire tilts his head and grins as the guard points the gun at his own head and fires, taking his own life, Ah, damn, where's the fun in that? He asks aloud, kneeling near the body and reciting an incantation, Hm...Send him to the...3rd circle of hell, that should do it. He chuckles, turning and walking away.

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2 Re: Voltaire the Demon Lord. on Sat Nov 28, 2009 12:06 pm

approved.. please wait for a 2ed admin to approve aswell

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3 Re: Voltaire the Demon Lord. on Sat Nov 28, 2009 2:37 pm

approved...for the weapons your going to have to go to weapon registration and fill out the template there

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4 Re: Voltaire the Demon Lord. on Tue Dec 01, 2009 9:35 am


Devil Forms:
These are the forms that made Voltaire so renowned among the demon world, even helping him to rise to the rank of king.

Name: Initial Devil Form
Description: In this form Voltaire's body and weapons will be engulfed in a red glow, this will extend the reach of his weapons and make him much more capable of defending attacks due to the 'glow' being 'solid', the demonic energy swirling around him will improve his senses and capabilities, such as speed, strength and defense.

Name: Demonic Stage Two
Description: In this form Voltaire will shift glow from a dark red to a black colour, giving his weapons even more reach and power, as well as improving all of his capabilities further.

Name: Demonic Stage Three
Description: This is the stage that most demons find to be thier limit, it will cover their body in a dark red armour and helmet, turning the glow even darker as their powers are improved again. In this form there should be enough demonic energy around them to fire it off in bursts of energy, destroying things around them.

Name: Imperfect Demon Form.
Description: This is thoguht to be a step down from the Stage three due to it being a stage three form that has had its armour partially torn off including half of their helmet, revealing the pitch black eye of the user and their body, engulfed in darkness. This form will increase the power of the user's darkness bursts and their speed by about double, this form will begin to damage the user due to using too much energy, the longer the user spends in this form, the more they will be damaged.

Name: Demonic Lord Form.
Description: This form is almost suicide for the user, only to be used in life or death circumstances, the form will change the user's appearance to a huge mass of demonic energy with the user in the middle, usually taking the shapehe imperfect demon form, the demonic energy can be used for many things such as blasting the opponents away or forming weapons such as spears out of it.
The user cannot maintain this form for over twenty minutes RP time or they will die, they will fall unconcious around the 15 minute mark due to serious damage to the body.

NOTE: Silver weapons will pierce through demonic energy much better than normal weapons would

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