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Lilith the Werewolf

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1 Lilith the Werewolf on Fri Nov 27, 2009 8:53 pm


Name: Lilith

age: 670 but looks 15

Race: Werewolf

gender: Female

sexuality: Straight

personality: Lilith is shy and quiet. Around the people she doesn't know she can seem quite weak and feeble, but they instantly change their opinions of her once she fights them. When she is with friends she is hyper and almost seems puppy like, which would make sense being as she's a werewolf.

Appearence: Lilith has long straight blue hair that falls down to her lower back and she usually has her werewolf ears out, showing the world what she is. Her bright blue eyes always seem to be questioning the world around her, and for some reason she has quite a hard time hiding her emotions from her eyes.

She wears a black collar around her neck which she is unable to remove, it has a piece of broken chain hanging from the end. Her top is a black corset top with a white bow on the front that matches her white satin skirt that falls to her knees.

Allignment: Depends on her mood and the situation.

History: When she was a little girl around the age of seven she was a regular human, with a mom dad and little sister who was five years old. Her dad had a bit of a drinking and gambaling problem and one day he took it too far and bet his two daughters to a mysterious man, thats when things went bad and he lost the game and unfortunately his two little girls. When the man came to their house Lilith's mom did everything she could to stop him, but he wasn't alone. They over powered her and beat her to death while her husband stood there and watched. After they were done with the mom the men carried off the two screaming crying girls.

When the girls woke up they were in a dark room and all they could hear were dogs barking madly. Frightened the two sisters huddled together waiting for the strange man to make his apperence. When he finally walked through the door chains rattled and the girls were almost starved to death. He took a siringe out of his pocket and began walking towards them, wanting to protect her little sister Lilith slapped the man's hand away and covered her sister with her body, the man impatient stabbed her sharply with the needle and suddenly Lilith felt like fire was coursing through her veins. She screamed out in pain and anger as the man also injected her sister with the liquid. Instantly Lilith forgot about her own pain and spent three days trying to soothe her sister's anguish.

After the three days was over the two sisters realized that their senses were much sharper and that something didn't feel quite right. That's when the man stepped into the room for a second time only this time he brought them out into what seemed like an arena and showed them what they had transformed into. From then on, years and years, they spent training and in underground cage fights. Fighting seemed to be all their life held. One day Lilith's sister couldn't fight anymore, she had taken too many hits, thats when Lilith decided she needed to make a stand and break out. She and her sister fought against the man that brought them there and fifty other gaurds but they had spent their whole life fighting to them fifty humans was to easy a task and soon enough they were free.

From then on Lilith and her sister travled the world seeing sights and living life the way their parents would have wanted for them, that's when something terrible happened, a vampire had been tracking them for some time while they were unaware, and while they slept he swooped down and silently killed Lilith's sister. She had woken up in just enough time to see the killer disappear into the darkness. From that day on she mourned her sister's loss and traveled the world alone, wandering from town to town.

Rp sample: Lilith stalked through the field silently as ever, watching her prey in the moonlight of a full moon, the height of her power. There was no way she could ever lose to a vampire on the night of a full moon.

Her ears twitched picking up sounds too quiet for any normal person to hear, but then again Lilith wasn't normal, she was a werewolf. Finally spotting the perfect time to strike she ran into the clearing, her wolf form taking over her body, she shifted to four legs and a mass of silvery fur covered her body, her blue eyes piercing as she growled loudly at the blood sucking earth walker.

Not waiting for him to make a move she swung her massive paw at the vampire's throat, her aim was true and she had his body pinned to the ground as his neck spewed blood drenching her silver coat and the grass all around them in blood. Once she was satisfied that he was dead she transformed back into her human form and walked away as the rising sun burned the vampire away to ashes.

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