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Leon Alfort(Approved)

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1 Leon Alfort(Approved) on Fri Nov 27, 2009 8:04 pm

Name: Leon Alfort

Age: 19

Race: Human (Hunter)

Gender: Male…I think *taps mahself a few times and tears up* yup, definitely a male...ouch

sexuality: Straight as a silly straw! (that didn’t come out right)

Personality: Leon is the sort of charismatic person that you would really want to know. So long as you’re on his side. He has no sympathy left for any species of this earth that he so loathsomely calls “abominations”. He is however, if like I said before, your friend, someone who is quite easy to talk to, and will definitely hear out your problems or anything as a matter of fact. He likes to be funny and make jokes, and is extremely sarcastic. When the fighting starts or someone close to him is in trouble, his personality undergoes a dramatic shift. He will be willing to go to any lengths to end the conflict, with imself emerging as the victor of course. When he’s in this state of mind, don’t expect him to be the same person you know, because he is long gone. When it comes to hunting, he is as cold a killer as any you have ever had the unpleasantly of hearing about.

Appearance: Leon is about 5 feet 11 inches tall and has a slim, yet extremely toned build that allows him to be both strong and quick. His hair is brown and of a medium length, and his eyes are hazel. His clothing of choice is pretty much the typical attire of a hunter. He wears a black shirt and pants and has a holster for his small arms strapped on his torso. Over that he also has on a thick black jacket. He has black gloves on as well and various ammunition belts hanging from his belt. There will occasionally be some sort of heavy weapon slung around on his back.

Alignment: Neutral

History:Leon’s life began just as any other child would, he was trained from an early age to use firearms, how to fight with dangerous melee weapons, to create incendiary and explosive devices from scratch, and to identify when a person is something not of this world. Of course, he was a child living among a group of hunters. Leon’s father was the leader of the group and as such, quite a bit was expected of him. He quickly, through the determination that comes with such expectance, advanced to the top of his age group. While still not yet old enough to be a full fledged hunter, he had all the right skills, all that was required was his first kill.

Leon’s father sensed that the time was right for him to join their ranks, and took him out one day, to run an errand”. They made their way to a cavern and when Leon questioned his father about what they were doing there he replied that they were retrieving materials to make a poultice that could help subside the effects of porphyric hemophilia. Eon didn’t think anything farther than that and so traveled into the cave with his father. After trekking quite deeply inside, Leon started to hear the things he had been trained to listen for and quickly turned to his father to tell him, but he was gone. Now, he was alone and at that moment, a throng of vampires attacked him. He did not panic however, instead he fell into an instinctive stance and drew his pistol and stake from within his coat. The fighting didn’t last long at all; inside of three minutes, every single one of the vampires were dead on the floor. The next thing he knew, Leon’s father was patting him on the back for a job well done. He understood what this was for and only smiled. Before they left, his father went to every one of the bodies and said “requiescat en pace” or rest in peace. When Leon asked why, his father told him that although their prey were evil and had to be killed, they were not always so, and their human souls deserved to be comforted as they passed on. They returned to the hunter enclave and there was much celebration for the induction of Leon Alfort to the ranks.

As the next few years passed, Leon was contracted to slay many creatures. He had become renown for his skill and was often the first choice for those looking to hire a hunter. He did his job very well, but still remembered that the monsters were people at one time so whenever he ended a creature’s life, he did so respectfully. All was well until one fateful night a year ago. A band of werewolves, led by a group of three vampires decided that they had enough of these hunters. They attacked the enclave on a full moon, when the werewolves were at their strongest. It was a slaughter, everyone within was killed and that night the creatures celebrated in the blood of their former tormentors. The next day Leon returned from an assignment to find the carnage. He found everyone; his friends, his mentors, but worst of all he saw his father hung upside down and hanging from one of the walls. In a furious rage Leon set out again and in the following days hunted down and slew the entire party responsible. He decided as he stood amongst the corpses that these abominations must al be destroyed, and that he would be the one to do it. They had no soul worth saving and deserved to die. He then walked away with his new mission saying as he went “ requiescat en pace”. He didn’t mean it and never would again, but he said it anyway.

Rp sample: The night was still here in the forest. It had long become dark, and the creatures that thrive during such times were starting to make their appearances. From where Leon was perched in a tree overlooking the clearing, he could see and hear all. He could make out the sounds of the bats flying through the trees, and some manner of small animal ruffling through a bush below; he let his mind slip for a moment as he tried to identify the sound patterns of said animal as either a possum or a raccoon, but that wasn’t what was important here. He quickly concentrated back onto what really mattered that he could see, the trap that he had set in the center of the clearing. It was a clever one, if mundane, he had to admit to himself; he had put a sheep in the clearing to lure out his prey so that he could then slay it. He at that moment felt a tinge of remorse for sacrificing this poor defenseless animal for such a cause, but it was necessary to purge this world of another abomination. He heard it then, the sound of a creature running through the night, searching for the scent that would make it’s next meal. Next he saw it, the ugliest thing he decided he had ever seen, a werewolf. It stood on the edge of the clearing, smelling out the area to make sure that such a lucky opportunity was not a trap. Leon had made sure to disguise his scent so that he would not be detected at this time. Deciding that it was safe, the creature lunged forward and killed the sheep in a disgustingly ferocious manner and started to gorge upon it. Leon did not make his move yet however, his prey would only hear him coming and run, ruining his chances at ending it’s life. So he stayed perfectly still and waited for his trap to be triggered; but he did allow the slightest of smiles to shine through as he heard the grenade trigger. The clearing exploded in a wave of bright light as the flash bang grenade he had allowed the sheep to consume went off when it was penetrated by the werewolf‘s teeth. Being far away enough so that he did not suffer any ill effects from the grenade, Leon could see that he had his prey right where he wanted it. It was stumbling around trying to regain it’s composure, if it could be called that, as it was now both blinded and deafened by the device. Leon saw his chance and sprung into action; he leapt forth from his hiding place and in a flurry of movement had the werewolf on it’s back on the ground, writhing in pain from it’s injuries while still attempting to find out why it could not see or hear the attack. He retracted the bladed knuckle weapons he had used for his attack and drew his pistol from somewhere in his jacket. “May the lord see fit to preserve your soul and grant it the mercy it does not deserve.” He was speaking of course to the human trapped somewhere deep inside the atrocity that was now lying at his feet, but still he had no remorse for what he was about to do, “Requiescat in pace” He said the line that was required of him before he put an end to every one of his kills as he checked his pistol to make sure that the bullet in the chamber was a silver one, and then he put it to the creature’s head and ended it. He holstered his gun and walked away, spattered the blood of his most recent kill. “I wonder what kind of food they have in this next town” was all he was thinking about as he made his way out of the forest.

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